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Cairenn 10-17-2012 05:41 PM

LotRO Update 8: Riders of Rohan Official Release Notes
The Epic Story Continues!

We have finally (finally!) gotten to the Kingdom of Rohan! We have been looking forward to exploring the land of the horse-lords for a long, long time. We even have planning documents, maps and flow charts that date back to the Shadows of Angmar days. They have undergone extensive revision over the years, but Rohan is a land that we knew we had to get right. For that reason alone, we’ve spent a great deal of time ensuring that we could do it justice. After all, the stretch of The Lord of the Rings that we have gotten up to is often cited as the favorite of readers and film-lovers alike. We need our version of the Riddermark to be equally as beloved. Learn More about the Epic Story here!

Of particular interest for our community are the UI and Lua sections of the update notes. Thanks to magill for posting the Lua notes. :)

Source and complete patch notes

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