View Full Version : Combat Chat bar

11-26-2010, 05:27 PM
I would like to see a bar like Emo for in game combat messages. Messages like a set of helps (i.e. Jump if you need help, HELP! etc.) and for Drawing mobs (I'll/you/Let's draw the left/middle/right or targeted mob), for deciding which mobs to attack (I'll/You/Let's take the left/middle/right or targeted mob), Mezing mobs (I'll/you/Let's Mez the left/middle/right or targeted mob).

I am using Tonicbars to do the same thing using the Alias command, but it's a major pain to type in all of the commands for each character. So PLEASE anyone that is a better programmer than I am HELP!

L Hawk

11-26-2010, 06:31 PM
I just downloaded the new Emo 2.0 and the new create emote is nice and kind of does waht I'm looking for, but I am looking to something that uses chat bubbles to say what I want to get across to the other player.